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New Tradetions

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The Modernized School for Every Age     ~     A Mall of Ideas to Evolve the Imagination      ~     The Recreational Towne Center to Unite our Communities

​​​New Tradetions


​​​"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." ​  

  ~ Richard Buckminster Fuller

Humanity is Evolving ~ It's Time to Empower the Next Generation with the Tools, Resources, and Training to RIGHT the WRONGS!

Mission Statement


   The mission of New Tradetions is to modernize traditional trade practices, to revolutionize educational delivery methods, and to evolve the currently uninspired employment process, while restoring morality, respect, family values and hope back into our communities.  By providing the public with realistic tools, resources and training, these productive outlets  will empower individuals of every age to "right" the "wrongs" in their lives while gaining the skills to grow with an evolving world. ​​


​​​​​​​Dear America,

       Perhaps the time has finally arrived to rename our country the

Separated States of America, as We, The People, have become so

divided that we are breeding hatred, corruption, violence, and arrogance into the next generation.  Whether we differ by income levels, politics, culture, or religion, our uninspired leaders are so lost that the only direction they want the public to follow is towards the loyal practice of more restrictions, dependencies, and control because their only goal is to preserve their own job security.  Politicians have made a career of dividing the public by forcing the hardest workers to fund the corruption, and as they arrogantly waste taxpayers' money on meaningless projects and personal perks, they avoid being held accountable for abusing their power by bombarding us with unnecessary obstacles which prevent success.  This lack of consequences creates such an outrage that destruction and violence can often result, and while they lie, make excuses, distract, blame others, and proudly insult our intelligence, they honestly expect us to remain silent while they continue to destroy all that is sacred and moral.  

   America was founded on the natural desire to be free from those who selfishly abuse their power, and the practice of preventing solutions can not be blamed on a "broken system" when elected leaders remain unaccountable for shamelessly breaking their own laws, our wallets, their word, our trust, and most importantly, the American Spirit.  This great country has most certainly grown divided, although the separation is not a debate between conservative and liberal values because the infinite struggle among all people is between those who embrace the sacred nature of freedom (Free Spirits), those who find security by controlling others by limiting freedom (Controllers), and those who make excuses to remain dependent prisoners (Enablers).

   When our Founding Fathers designed our three branches of government, their intent was to separate the balance of powers equally so the government could not over-step its role in serving and protecting the most powerful and forgotten fourth branch ~ We, The People, who determine the direction of our government through the election process.  Our historic heroes recognized that the system they were creating was not perfect because they knew that the nature of man would eventually corrupt the process, so they protected our freedoms by defining our Constitutional Rights.  It is through their great examples we might discover that it is not the leader which inspires people to follow ~ It is the vision of an adventurous journey, a realistic path to achieve challenging goals, and a destination to evolve the human race which inspires the desire to change, and without this meaningful purpose in life, we "choose" to survive like animals rather than grow and mature into the creatures that nature has always intended us to be.  Within each of our hearts, we all have a dream, and the "American Dream" is that we each have a soul purpose, a place where we all belong, and a destination that humanity has not yet even mapped out.

   America, we are the descendants of our Founding Fathers, the grandest and bravest visionaries who designed the greatest invention known to humanity, the United States of America!  If We, The People, can all at least agree that our country is overwhelmed with infinite problems, "Common Sense" should inspire the establishment of a neutral place where the community can come together peacefully, put our differences aside, and finally gain access to the tools, resources, and training that can right the wrongs in each of our lives without ever violating our personal freedoms.

   While history has blessed us with the skills to invent solutions, we have also harnessed the art of the imagination, and as technology advances far beyond the human capability of even adapting to change, evolution can not wait patiently anymore.  It is vital at this point in time that we learn the lessons of past mistakes and acknowledge our dysfunctional habits, so these negative energies  can be redirected in a positive direction.  By purging the system and embracing all that is fruitful, we free ourselves from past restraints and enable our communities to advance towards the rapid changes ahead where humanity can finally evolve.

   So rather than repeating history's mistakes because we are bored that no real destination has been set forth, perhaps We, The People, are ready to discover the limitless possibilities and reestablish morality, respect, and family values back into our communities by building New Tradetions, a recreational boot camp which provides the tools, resources, and training to prepare individuals for the upcoming battles within each of our lives.  By presenting activities which promote healing within families, prioritizes respect and morality throughout our communities, and introduces the public to the latest advances in technology through socially rewarding and educational experiences, individuals can strengthen their skills, embrace their differences, and identify how their unique abilities can create solutions in tomorrow's world.  While New Tradetions is only a starting point for the community to map out strategies to discover the Unknowns, this program is designed to grow with the changing public and serves as a vehicle to explore the newest innovative concepts, reaching far beyond the current scope of the imagination  . . .​

                May  God   Bless  the  Miracle  of  America​​​​

​​ Service Concepts

   Because technology is advancing faster than the public can even adapt to the changes, too many are falling behind and are losing the basic skills that are necessary to survive in this evolving world.  The "Grand Design" of New Tradetions is a tool designed to ease frustrations while it transitions the community away from unproductive habits and towards a more fulfilling and balanced life, where individuals can easily identify the skills which will enable them to become successful, fulfilled, and independent in tomorrow's world. Available services would include:

  • Community Resource Center 
  1. Career Guidance / Planning & Training
  2. Professional Development Experiences
  3. Life Skills Training / Personal Enrichment
  4. Technology Experience / Guidance
  5. Ventilations Program / Community Outlets
  6. Realignment Programs / Recovery Groups
  7. Emergency Outsourcing Services

  • Family Support Services 
  1. ​Guardian Supports for Families / Resources
  2. Parental Guidance / Effective Discipline 
  3. Crisis Intervention / Counseling Services 
  4. Family Obstacles / Balancing Responsibilities
  5. Breaking Dysfunctional Patterns​


  • Medical Resource Center
  1. ​Health & Medical Options / Obstacles
  2. Wellness Center / Preventive Practices
  3. Self-Care / Holistic Healing Therapies
  4. Disability Assistance / Resources
  5. Senior Supports / "Old Wise Tales" Program
  6. Animal Medical Detection Center

  • Educational Enrichment Experiences
  1. ​"Real" World / Wilderness Survival Skills
  2. Culinary Arts / Kitchen Practices & Techniques
  3. Agricultural Sciences / Gardening Center
  4. Building Foundations / Common Repair Skills
  5. Mechanical / Mobile Science Programs
  6. Architectural Engineering / Design Skills
  7. Numerical Discoveries / Financial Survival
  8. Literary Studies / Reading & Writing Clubs

  • Social Interactions / Communications
  1. ​Community Entertainment Programs
  2. Musical Enrichment Events
  3. Interactive Technology Displays
  4. ​Relationship-Building / Communication Challenges
  5. Teenage Boot Camp / Reality Skills Training
  6. Community Involvement Projects

  • Evolutionary Innovations Programs
  1. ​Special Effects / Sensory Center Experiences
  2. Dramatics / Theatrical Design Skills
  3. Gallery of the Arts / Creative Expressions
  4. Social Networking / Electronic Communications
  5. Computer / Technology Development Skills
  6. Scientific Discoveries / Genius Display Center
  7. Leadership Skills Training Experiences
  8. Evolving Careers / Advancing Skills Experiences​