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​​​New Tradetions


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New Tradetions


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Imprint Technology:  "Fingerprint ID Scans"

        Because​​​ New Tradetions is a Town Center, where the public gathers to                   communicate, to discover new concepts and strategies, to access the tools,                           which resolve problems, and to achieve personal and professional accomplishments,  public activities and interactions need to be monitored in order to study the successes, failures, and weaknesses within the program.

    Knowing that large crowds can attract unforeseen issues, New Tradetions prioritizes the health and safety of every individual within the community and would use Fingerprint Identification Recognition Scan Technology, or FIRST, as the method in which the public enters the program.  While this practice is not intended to intrude on personal rights, FIRST stations would be located throughout the program and benefits the community in a variety of ways:

  • Ensures that violent criminals and sex offenders do not enter the program
  • Scans the hand for common communicable illnesses and alerts individuals if germs are detected
  • Lists medical requirements for guests with special needs, if individual chooses to divulge this information
  • Locates minor children quickly and easily in the event of an emergency and alerts staff if families become separated 
  • Protects guests from identity theft and ensures personal credit for skills trainings, accomplishments, references, and innovative breakthroughs 
  • Volunteers earn "In-House" credits for tasks performed under the Moral Trade Agreement
  • Students have the option to create a Personal Portfolio, which measures personal skills, activities, achievements, and field preferences, to later be used as a tool to determine the best fitting career choices
  • Individuals can choose to build a Professional Portfolio, which documents professional trainings, hours acquired during specific course studies, reference recommendations, personal skills, and academic achievements

Moral Trade Agreements

   Because there are so many who are willing to contribute their efforts, skills, and time, but have limited financial resources or are not of age to be employed, a new concept of a "Moral Trade Agreement" would be introduced to the public, where individuals are rewarded for improving their community through an In-House Credit System.  Since our current monetary trade system limits potential and does not reward efforts, intent, or random acts of kindness, New Tradetions would initiate an experimental trade practice, where moral behaviors are valued and those demonstrating efforts to improve their community are recognized and rewarded.  Through an application, interview, and acceptance process, pre-approved applicants can select the most fitting Moral Trade Agreement: 


​                                     ​​​                    Family Support Services

                                          Because change can be a difficult adjustment, the activities presented

                                      to the public are designed to minimize stress while transitioning children

into the next activity as parents observe the New Tradetions In-Sourcing Staff exhibit simple calming techniques so change can be a positive experience for all parties involved.  For these services to become an effective tool to improve family relations, parents must agree upon entering New Tradetions to demonstrate respectful interactions with all staff members and to keep an open mind with new techniques being displayed.


   Guardians are Professional Redirection Specialists who are skilled in improving public communications and strengthening family relations, and are responsible for detecting social concerns and the potential for dangerous behavior.  Their goal is to reduce chaos, frustrations, and disruptive behaviors as they move activities forward by gently redirecting the public without leaving individuals to feel pressured or violated.

   Guardians are located throughout open activities and offer parental supports by demonstrating the most effective methods of persuasion when children resist transitions, while reinforcing the importance of children respecting their parents.  In an effort of demonstrating more effective alternatives over physical discipline.  Guardians also provide frustrated parents with supports by allowing a few moments to calm, suggesting useful resources to reduce stress, and they can intervene if more serious concerns are detected.


   Custodians are "Guardians-In-Training" and are responsible for the supervision of volunteers, as it is their role to account for the amount of time accumulated, confirm that tasks were performed adequately, and translate volunteer time into credits earned, so volunteers can redeem earnings as leisure time within the Recreational Facility.


   If families are struggling with disciplinary issues, parents can request personal discipline assistance by scheduling sessions with skilled Behavior Specialists, which are referred to as Disciplinarians under the condition that parents attend the Parenting Program.  Depending on the level of assistance required, parents can request family supports in exchange for a predetermined agreement plan to improve family relations.  Available Family Service Plans would include:

  • Observation Trial - Personal Escort Tour through Facility with Disciplinarian

​           Exchange:  Parents attend Discipline Introduction Course​

  • Parenting Programs / Groups - Basic Parental Skills Course / Skills Training Groups

           Exchange:  Discipline Course, Financial Contributions, Volunteer Agreement

  • Family Support Sessions - Personalized Short-Term Family Discipline Training Program

​           Exchange:  Discipline Course, Financial Contribution,Volunteer, Medical Insurance

  • Realignment Program - Family Counseling, Disciplinary Practices, Intervention Skills

​           Exchange:  Discipline Course, Financial Contributor, Volunteer, Medical Insurance​​


          Correcting Corruption

                                  The intent to inflict harm upon another is already a crime against humanity, but those who hold a position of power and knowingly disregards the health and safety of another must be held accountable for neglecting their duty and those they serve.  The community deserves the development of a public notification process, where intentional misconduct can be reported, concluding details can become public record, and corrective measures along with the abuser's response is documented to ensure a fair practice to achieve accountability.

​​Community Awareness CAMPAIGN

​(Community Action Mediation Partners Accounting for Injustices, Grievances, Abuse and Neglect)

  • Social Enrichment Experts (SEE)  - Social Workers are the first point of contact for individuals to submit corruption complaints, to develop immediate action plans, and to determine if an Intervention Specialist needs to intervene in an emergency situation
  • ​Corruption Under Review Board (CURB) - Elected community members review public complaints to determine if corruption has been founded, rate the severity of each concern, implement a plan to prevent further corruption, decides if a public endangerment exists, and if the public needs to be notified to enforce accountability
  • Community Action Legal Mediators (CALM) - Law Makers speak up for the rights of citizens, stand against the wrongs, ensures that consequences delivered are fair, just, and legal, and determines if criminal charges need to be pursued
  • Community Action Media Evaluators Reporting Accountability (CAMERA) - Media Journalists protect the community by reporting concluding details of a corruption case, where all relevant information, including the abuser's reaction is entered into a public notification system, known as the Community Awareness CAMPAIGN

​                                               School of Life:  "Elevated Education"

                                      While our current education system limits our skills and capabilities with

                                a  predetermined and sometimes politically-motivated curriculum,  financial

                              debt prevents innovation and forces students to become submissive in their chosen industry because they are desperate to pay off their loans.   Even worse, "real life" experiences are not valued and are not considered relevant in course studies, and this practice fails the student because graduates are not prepared to survive career obstacles in the "real world."

   Because basic education does not cease at the graduation date of 17, and life's mysteries have not been mastered when we graduate from college, New Tradetions teaches individuals of EVERY AGE how to survive life's obstacles, as we are all destined to enter the next stage of our personal development to prepare for our individualized graduation day.  As each stage of human development promises change, the Stages of Life Curriculum is specifically designed to prepare individuals for the upcoming challenges ahead.


Empowering Every Stage of Life!

  • ​​Birth - 2 Years                    "Nurture:  Family & Environment"
  • Ages 2 - 12 Years               "Nature:  Personal, Social & Academic Development"
  • Teens                                   "Self-Discovery:  Choices & Identity"
  • 20's                                   "Life Choices:  Career & Relationships"
  • 30's                                   "Healthy Balances:  Career, Home & Family"
  • 40's                                   "Advancements:  Personal, Professional & Financial"
  • 50's                                  ​ "Maturing of the Mind, Body & Spirit"
  • ​60's                                  ​ "Retirement Preparations"  
  • 70's                                   "Memorable Adventures"
  • 80's                                   "Reflections upon Life"   
  • 90' and Older                  "Imprint on the World"