​     While it is not easy to define the lines between safety, freedom, and intrusions, New Tradetions is a vehicle where the public navigates through the evolving world, as the community determines the programs' direction using the evaluation process.  

  Corruption and abuse derive from a lack of understanding about how to balance a position of power appropriately, whether the relationship is work-related or personal.  It is vital to see what the internal struggles may be and how to counteract negative behaviors in order to prevent an individual from abusing a position of authority or the individuals involved.

  • Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Donation Sources
  • Real Estate Options / Locations / Zoning Laws
  • Construction Planning / Materials & Builders
  • Community Approvals / Permits & Licenses 
  • Innovative Education Designers
  • Technology Development Teams

 Currently we are searching for prospective locations, preferably in the Southeastern suburbs of Pennsylvania, and within the Tri-County region between Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.​​

"Life is not a Game to be controlled, manipulated, or won ~

Life is War, and as every battle leaves destructive scars behind, it is the struggle to survive, which inspires the will to live, grow, and achieve  

~ ​Even when the final act promises Death ~

Perhaps Death can be more easily defeated" 

​​In Conclusion . . .

   Growing is a natural change experienced throughout life, and it is normal to feel emotionally outraged when we are denied our rights to mature because too many refuse to change and prefer to profit from the problems.  As corruption continues to thrive without consequences, we have become overwhelmed with the struggle to survive that we can barely keep up with the expectations, and we have all reached a limit with their negligent excuses since most of these burdens can be reduced, if not eliminated.  

​   Judging by the recent demonstrations witnessed throughout our communities, we clearly have a desire to change, we have the energy to build change, but these wonderful words have no meaning when no one can describe what this change is supposed to look like.  America has matured to a point where we recognize that a Revolution will only result in blood and destruction, while Evolution is a more effective correctional tool, and demanding change will never equate to making a difference in the world.  The change we are all so passionate about is our natural desire to grow, and as we remain loyal to the tradition of blaming, hating, and destroying each other, the reason nothing changes is because we haven't made the efforts to change what is broken.  For example, the true meaning of the word, "Race" is defined as a competition to achieve a goal, and when the phrase "Black" and "White" is used to describe "Brown" and "Peach" skin tones, this color-blind tradition of dividing cultures sets a negative impression against each other, as if we are oppositional pawns competing in a goalless contest.  We keep playing this mindless game of manipulation because we are bored that there no challenging goals to achieve.  Those who coined these common catch phrases either suffered from serious visual impairments or were so inconceivably evil that they devised a plan to divide cultures in order to control all of them.  

   Since there is no color in a "Black and White" world, a simple adjustment of preferring the term "Culture" over "Race" instantly changes the tone towards a more intriguing path because the only "Race" humanity should be concerned about is our RACE  against Time.  It's time we ask if something much greater has been thriving by the division of humanity, since it certainly feels that our individual souls are being hunted by a silent predator, which lurks deep within the shadows.  Only by working together will this hungry beast be forced to emerge from the darkness, and once humanity sees that a common enemy threatens us all, our differences will work to our benefit, as each culture holds a unique skill in the evolutionary journey ahead.

   No matter what faith we choose to practice,  we each have a soul and a purpose, and the purpose of life is to leave this world a better place than the moment we each entered into it.  So before our souls depart on our individual journeys into the Unknown, keep in mind that no one else can be responsible for fulfilling your soul's purpose.  If it is within the human spirit to compete, explore, and conquer, these natural energies must be channeled in a more productive direction, where the true mysteries in Life can finally be unlocked, and no matter what the cost may be to build such a project, we owe it to our children to build a safe place where they can turn to gain the tools, resources, and training, which will teach them how to right the wrongs in their lives. By empowering their voices, skills, knowledge, experiences, relationships, and their confidence, the next generation will gain the ability to evolve the world beyond the current scope of the imagination . . . Into a world where no other child will be thrown to the wolves and abandoned out in the cold, lonely, and bitter wilderness, where evil is free to prey upon their precious innocence . . . ​


Humanity is Evolving ~ It's Time to Empower the Next Generation with the Tools, Resources, and Training to RIGHT the WRONGS!

​​​​Copyright 2013. Edessa Snyder. All Rights Reserved.

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Marching Forth . . .

   The first step in moving this project forward is to share your enthusiasm throughout your own communities, so the public demands that New Tradetions be used as a tool to evolve towards a more productive direction.  We are currently in the process of assembling a Task Committee to plan the program's developmental strategies, so if you are interested in Volunteering your efforts as a Community Organizer, kindly submit a Contact Form and include the roles and skills you are willing to contribute.  Currently the most useful skills needed include:


PREVENTIONS          ~          REDIRECTIONS          ~          INTERVENTIONS          ~          VENTILATIONS          ~          INNOVATIONS

The Modernized School for Every Age     ~     A Mall of Ideas to Evolve the Imagination      ~     The Recreational Towne Center to Unite our Communities


​​​New Tradetions

New Tradetions


​  ​Balance of Power:​​

    A Personal Note ...

 The concept of New Tradetions was originally conceived over 20 years ago, when one preventable tragedy caused a series of further horrific events, and all of the turmoil could have been avoided if someone in this world cared enough to listen and held the power to intervene.

  Knowing how many other children have felt that they had       nowhere to turn when their lives spin out of control, a day arrived when I asked myself, "If there was a place I could have turned, what would it look like, who would be there, why would they care enough to listen, what could they have done to intervene, and how could they teach me to stand on my own two feet?"

   When I closed my eyes, I saw this place in my mind, as if it already existed, and I was simply blessed with a glimpse of this  warm  safe haven. Feeling that my struggles might serve a greater purpose, I  immediately sketched out this vision and spent the coming decades studying the system out of necessity. I would use these experiences to research the flaws, successes and corruptions in public programs, and through each discovery, I developed improved methods so others in need do not find themselves trapped in a dysfunctional system, as I did.  

 It is my dream to make it easier for others to achieve their dreams, so I pray there are enough people in the world who believe that this dream is worth making a reality  Because the next generation deserves to have a "safe" place to turn, where they can access the tools, resources and training   that teaches individuals HOW to right the wrongs in their life ...