What Social Problems can be reduced?


   New Tradetions confronts and calms the most difficult social problems resulting from boredom or lack of resources, as the program's activities provide productive outlets for individuals to release frustrations while discovering new skills and experiences.  Not only will the community notice an immediate decrease in negative behaviors, but the public will also discover a variety of positive resources built into the New Tradetions infrastructure, where the most serious social problems can be reduced, which include​:

  • Criminal Mischief  -  Burglaries, Vandalisms, Theft, Loitering, etc.
  • Substance Abuse / Addictions   -  Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs & various addictions
  • Drinking and Driving / Accidents  -  Social drinking decreases as healthier social interactions become available to youth
  • Domestic Violence Incidents   (NOTE:  Reports, Counseling & Intervention Requests increase ~ Is proof of program success!)
  • Child Abuse   (NOTE:  Reports, Counseling & Intervention Requests increase ~ Is proof of program success!)
  • Abortion and Unwanted / Unplanned / Teenage Pregnancies   -  More productive social resources, education and family services, which promote morality, respect and family values 
  • Racism / Social Divisions   -  Cultural differences are highlighted in the fun social challenges, where unique skills find purpose in the evolutionary world ahead 
  • Dangerous Behaviors   -  Promiscuity, Rebellious Outbursts, Violent Aggressions, Impulsive / Destructive Risk-Taking Actions, etc.

NOTE: While negative behaviors may not be completely eliminated on the streets, violent criminals and sex offenders would be denied public access to New Tradetions in order to protect the safety of the overall community, and guests who do choose to behave violently would be dismissed from the program immediately, where temporary or permanent exclusions in the future can be determined.​

The Modernized School for Every Age     ~     A Mall of Ideas to Evolve the Imagination      ~     The Recreational Towne Center to Unite our Communities

​​​New Tradetions

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How will our Communities improve?

   By providing the public with effective outlets, negative energy can be redirected into productive skills, and by providing the public with the tools to overcome personal obstacles, each experience will empower individuals to identify their abilities, which will enable them to become successful, fulfilled, and independent in the evolving world ahead.  The self-initiated activities improve our communities by:

  • Easing racial tensions through fun social events, where cultural contributions are highlighted, as individual differences are embraced and can make a positive difference in the evolutionary world
  • Advancing the "Pro-Life" ~ "Pro-Choice" debate by educating our youth about the realities of parenting & introducing resources that prevent unplanned / unwanted / teenage pregnancies
  • Transitioning the public away from the entitlement mentality and towards a more fulfilling life by rewarding efforts, intent and independence
  • ​Supporting struggling parents with a variety of guidance and supportive services  (discipline strategies, financial responsibilities, career options, support groups, counseling, & crisis prevention)
  • Assisting schools and teachers with interactive learning techniques and modernized intervention services for students demonstrating learning or behavioral difficulties
  • Training teens & young adults to survive responsibly and independently in the "Real World Boot Camp," while participating in activities, which promote healthy relationships & communications
  • Providing the public with productive outlets to vent negative energy while developing new skills, experiences and job opportunities using the "FREEDOM TO LEARN" Methodology
  • Introducing the community to the latest advances in technology, educational enrichments & interactive problem-solving resources, which empower individuals to overcome obstacles
  • Modernizing traditional trade practices and professional options, where local businesses, consumers & applicants can interact more personably and build relations within the community
  • Preventing tragedies with easy-access Intervention Services, where concerns can be reported, monitored, redirected and evaluated for additional services 
  • Transitioning soldiers back to civilized life, where social supports & job opportunities are plentiful !

Humanity is Evolving ~ It's Time to Empower the Next Generation with the Tools, Resources, and Training to RIGHT the WRONGS!


New Tradetions

Welcome to New Tradetions!

     The ground level floor plan is referred to as "Community Halls,"  where individuals of every developmental age can seek educational enrichment, which is intended to improve personal circumstances.  While the mechanics of the program is engineered to calmly filter large crowds through the facility, where personal needs of each guest can easily be addressed, New Tradetions is carefully designed to stimulate the senses so our natural desires to learn is enhanced through a variety of interactive challenges, social entertainment events, and technology demonstrations.  Upon entering New Tradetions, guests are welcomed at the front window of the Greeting Grounds, where the purpose of each guest's visit is declared.   Available options include:

  • Emergency Out-Sourcing
  • In-Sourcing Services
  • Ventilation Challenges
  • Personal Enrichments
  • Professional Development
  • Social Interactions
  • ​Public Events / Projects
  • Stimulating the Senses
  • Individual Attention
  • Public Entertainment
  • Community Interactions
  • Physical Challenges
  • Communication Experiences
  • Exploration and Discovery Involvements
  • Social Appreciation 


  It is the commitment of New Tradetions to become the designated location where the public can assemble peacefully to reestablish morality,​ respect, and family values within our communities by providing the tools, resources, and training that will empower individuals to right the wrongs in their lives without infringing on personal freedoms.  While New Tradetions serves as a bridge to improve communication between individuals, families, local businesses, schools, and governmental programs, leveling all of the playing fields fairly, the program is a tool designed to grow with the changing public while modernizing traditional trade practices, our current educational methods, and employment procedures.  

   New Tradetions is a combination between a school for every age, a mall to explore new ideas, and an adventurous recreational boot camp to exercise with solutions, where individuals are empowered with the tools to survive life's obstacles and to heal the soul from the pains endured throughout life.  As the educational adventures enrich personal, social, and professional experiences, the public can freely explore the latest innovations in technology where fun interactive challenges redirect negative energy into productive skills.  The activities presented are designed to ease frustrations within the community, to transition the public through the upcoming changes,  and to ensure that individuals gain the skills and experiences to become successful and independent in the evolving world ahead, so we can free our minds to discover a world beyond the current scope of the imagination.  

   With New Tradetions being only a starting point for the coming generations to embrace their unique abilities, to reach their full potential, and to learn how to balance obstacles while adapting to life's changes, learning to grow is a choice, and those who prefer to behave as prehistoric animals are choosing to be left behind . . .


PREVENTIONS          ~          REDIRECTIONS          ~          INTERVENTIONS          ~          VENTILATIONS          ~          INNOVATIONS

The Journey Inside

New Tradetions 

​    Upon entering New Tradetions,  the captivating environment has already opened the eyes of the imagination, as the enticing visuals of modern technology inspires the desire to freely explore a choice of interactive adventures.  Because the learning process is a precise art of stimulating the mind and body, our physical senses are naturally motivated to learn when new concepts are introduced in the form of fun challenges, which encourage social interactions.  With knowledge being a natural fuel to stimulate the brain, the Freedom to Learn Methodology enables our unique abilities to become the compass, which maps out the most fitting direction for individuals to follow on their personalized paths in life.  While the real adventure is learning how to incorporate these newly acquired skills into daily life and into the evolving world ahead, the natural order to motivate our physical senses to grasp new concepts most effectively are as follows: